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Geohot Untethered Limera1n para iOS 4.2.1 / 4.3 y Limesn0w para Unlock 2.10.04 / 3.10.01 en iPhone 4

Via: Blog de GeoHot

Veeence, fue capaz de hacer una entrevista increíble a Geohot a través del chat IRC, habló con Geohot sobre algunos temas importantes relacionados con el jailbreak y desbloquear los dispositivos ejecutando el IOS actual 4.2.1, ahora vamos a ver esta entrevista increíble después del salto.(en inglés)

Veeence: are u the real geohot?
Geohot: yes
Geohot: i think im real
Veeence: heh
Veeence: what function called sony’s downfall of the ps ?
Geohot: fail over st0rming
Geohot: 😀
Geohot: ill be back
Veeence: stay
Veeence: just leave the room lol
Geohot: 😀
Geohot: even if im mr hotz ?
Veeence: yeah
Veeence: i dont care what those haters say
Veeence: you’ve only done good for me
Geohot: 😀
Veeence: and them in fact, i dont see their problem personally
Geohot: di dont care im in germany right now
Geohot: -d
Geohot: on vacation
Veeence: sweet
Geohot: after all this trouble
Veeence: hows the court case going?
Geohot: media …
Geohot: all fine
Veeence: chances?
Geohot: 100%
Veeence: awesome
Geohot: i didnt agree to any sony terms
Geohot: so what ?
Geohot: just becasue i own a ps3 ?
Veeence: haha true
Veeence: if you never registered on psn then there’s nothing they can do right?
Veeence: how have the dev team been with you about the whole limera1n exploit stuff and releasing it before them?
Veeence: which i only see as a good thing because SHAtter doesnt work with gs according to posix
Geohot: sorry im busy right now
Veeence: ok no worrys
Geohot: i got about 100 querys
Veeence: haha yeah i bet heh
Veeence: yes/no questions only then? heh
Geohot: r u on saurik irc ?
Veeence: yeah
Geohot: ok
Geohot: lets continue this interview
Veeence: ok
Geohot: will u pusblish it ?
Geohot: somewhere ?
Veeence: if you want me to
Geohot: do i need to be careful what i say ?
Veeence: your choice entirely
Geohot: i have enough trouble
Veeence: ok
Veeence: i wont publish then
Geohot: why are you interested
Geohot: about dev team and geohot relation?
Veeence: i’ve heard everyone’s side of the story apart from yours
Veeence: in think most people have
Veeence: not heard your side
Geohot: no one asked
Geohot: 😀
Veeence: and then people base their opinions on that
Veeence: haha
Veeence: well here’s me asking
Geohot: i think some people was mad on me
Geohot: after i released limera1n
Geohot: thats becasue i didnt announce it
Geohot: nowadays people announce
Geohot: on xmas
Geohot: on sunday
Geohot: on january
Geohot: after 4.1
Geohot: 😀
Veeence: heh
Veeence: are you gonna release your iBoot exploit onto 4.3 ?
Geohot: and if i would release right now
Geohot: again all people would be mad on me
Geohot: of course not why should i ?
Geohot: as long people develop stuff i dont need to waste it
Geohot: the time for my exploit will come
Veeence: ok
Veeence: when do you think the time will come? im not asking months im asking criteria
Geohot: btw i got a 4.3 b1 untethered running over here
Veeence: niiice
Veeence: any shots of it?
Geohot: 😀
Geohot: yes i have some but i didnt upload them and i wont send anything from here
Veeence: ok
Geohot: the time will come very soon
Veeence: we talking weeks or months?
Geohot: apple did lot of integrity and software checks to firmwares
Geohot: soon it wont be possible to flash any custom ipsw
Veeence: or is this an apple “white iphone…coming soon” soon?
Veeence: really?
Geohot: well
Geohot: soon
Geohot: 😀
Veeence: haha ok
Geohot: u know this ?
Geohot: http://limera1n.com/
Geohot: u know that ?
Geohot: http://limesn0w.com/
Veeence: i used it yeah
Geohot: its still empty
Veeence: yeah
Geohot: strange ? isnt it
Veeence: haha
Veeence: oh
Veeence: soon?
Geohot: what if there will be a download ?
Geohot: yes
Veeence: interesting
Veeence: for iphone 4?
Geohot: no
Veeence: ok
Veeence: 😀
Geohot: okay my friend
Geohot: we had a nice talk
Veeence: we did
Geohot: i have to leave
Veeence: ok
Veeence: can i publish?
Geohot: feel free
Geohot: btw im not fake
Veeence: great thanks
Veeence: yeah i gathered that
Veeence: enjoy your holiday mate

Geohot tiene el Jailbreak Untethered con Limera1n para IOS 4.2.1 y 4.3, y la gran sorpresa es que el desbloqueo para el iPhone que ya está listo para las basebands 2.10.04 y 3.10.01 con Limesn0w, de todos modos vamos a estar informado de las actualizaciones.



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